Punch a Pickle


Finally, technology has advanced to the point of being able to answer what is perhaps humanity’s most important question; Would you punch a pickle in the face?

Who knew that pickles had faces? I’ll tell you who. Me! And the first time I saw one I knew that I wanted to punch it right in that mug!

Experience that same drama and satisfaction as you unleash your briny fury for vicious combos! Climb and claw your way to the top of the leaderboards to become the world’s foremost pickle pugilist!

Gameplay instructions: 

  1. Punch a Pickle in the face.
  2. Repeat.

Unlock the full version of this masterpiece of entertainment to slap a sandwich, deck a doughnut, pound a cookie, and beat a burrito!

Don’t delay! That pickle is not going to punch himself! Download it now!

Game Screens

ipad1 ipad5
ipad2 ipad4


Teaser Trailer

Gameplay Trailer