Mack Masher is on a quest - a quest for vengeance!

Candy Crush meets The Sopranos in Sweet Revenge. Control Mack as he rappels down candy-filled buildings, dishing out death and destruction along the way.

Upgrade weapons, ambush enemies and even take your chance on the Lucky Lottery to win big and deliver some cold, hard retribution.

Do you have what it takes to deliver some Sweet Revenge?


Mack loves to shoot things - mayhem is what he does best. Simply tilt your device to move him back and forth on the screen. If there is something (or someone) to shoot, he takes care of it.

Other controls are just as simple. An air conditioner in the way? Tap it and Mack will fill it with lead! Want to see if there are any goodies in a flower box? Tap it to blow it away and get your prize! Swipe down to get to the next floor and rock your device to reload (or just tap your weapon icon. Your pick).

Best of all? Grenades. Clear out all the enemies on the floor with a well placed grenade. Just tap your grenade icon and it there is an enemy available, he'll soon be tasting some explosive payback.

Revenge has never been easier -- or more fun!


Mack Masher

The Candy Corn Commandos

The Mint Men

The Fireballs

The Karamel-Kazees

Gummi Bears

The Tooth Fairy


Sick and tired of your boring pistol? Want something with a little more pop? Just want to make that handy pistol a little stronger, faster? Or maybe you yearn for the soothing sound of a grenade explosion.

Then the Armory is just the place for you! Visit any time to switch your weapon, upgrade your firepower and get more grenades.

Don't just crush. Visit the Armory and bring on the kill.


Some games just have you earning coins endlessly, working to get rich. Sweet Revenge lets you play the Lucky Lottery, where you can take a chance to win big. What's more American than that?

Sweet Revenge awards you for your vengeance. For every floor that you clear, you'll be awarded more gummis in Gummi Rampage mode. It's your chance to pile on some extra mayhem and score big!

Sweet Revenge. This is not your kid's candy game.

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